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[International Air Transport Association]

Dear Sir/Madam,
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) would like to remind air transport industry participants to be on the alert for fraudulent activities. As you may know, the air transport industry is a target for fraud. Fraudsters have been known to impersonate IATA staff members or to misuse the IATA logo and name. As such, IATA would like to share valuable information to help you detect attempts to commit fraud.
The link below will lead you to our revised guidance document, «Fraudulent Emails Warning», in which you will find examples of the different techniques used by fraudsters and suggestions to better protect your organization from fraud.
In order to view this document, kindly follow these steps:

1. Visit the IATA website: www.iata.org<http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=1291>.

2. Click on «Contact & Support» in the upper section of the page.

3. Click on the link «Report a fraudulent e-mail or check the validity of an e-mail». This link will lead you to the Email & Website Fraud Protection webpage (the «Webpage»)<http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=1291>.

4. Click on the link Fraudulent e-mails warning<http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=1291> under the Related Links section found on the right side of the webpage.
Key points include:

* Fraudsters contact users of IATA products and services by email or telephone, under false names (sometimes they misuse IATA employee names) seeking payment for products or services and/or claiming payments for outstanding amounts due.
* Fraudsters use email addresses similar to an IATA email address but using different domain names such as «@gmail.com» or «@iattafinance.org».
* Email accounts are often masked so that emails appear to have been sent from a genuine IATA address with the «@iata.org» domain name, while their reply-to domain name is different. E.g. «iata@iata.org<mailto:iata@iata.org>» replies to «revenue@iata-payments.org<mailto:revenue@iata-payments.org>».
* Forged documents sometimes display the IATA logo or include links to a fake website.
* Users of IATA products and services should always be wary of requests to update bank account information.
* If you doubt the authenticity of communications purporting to be from IATA, whether those communications request payment or not, please do not respond and notify IATA immediately at information.security@iata.org<mailto:information.security@iata.org>
* Please visit our Webpage for information about the latest fraudulent email accounts.
* In order to protect your organization from spam, spoofing and phishing, we recommend implementing the authentication protocol «DMARC» (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance). DMARC combines two authentication mechanisms, Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF), which allow email users to screen the legitimacy of Internet domains. For further information about DMARC, please visit https://dmarc.org/.
Fraudulent internet use is a crime and IATA takes any abuse of its identity seriously.
Please take a moment to review this information carefully and share it with colleagues in your company, particularly those that are responsible for settling supplier invoices.
This is a ‘no-reply’ message. Should you have any questions please contact us on:

Kind of query

Contact info

Email fraud

Fraud Advice website: http://www.iata.org/Pages/fraudulent-emails-websites.aspx<http://www.iata.org/Pages/fraudulent-emails-websites.aspx>
Email: information.security@iata.org<mailto:information.security@iata.org>

Anything else related to fraud

Industry Fraud Prevention website: www.iata.org/industryfraudprevention<http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=1291>
Email: cardservices@iata.org<mailto:cardservices@iata.org>

Other queries

IATA website: http://www.iata.org<http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=1291c>.
Route your queries through the Customer Portal: www.iata.org/cs<http://cl.s6.exct.net/?qs=1291c>


We thank you for your assistance in fighting fraud.



International Air Transport Association
33, Route de l’Aeroport, 1215 Geneva 15 Airport, Switzerland.



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