CLECAT Newsletter 2018/18 (R.EMP.-F- 26/18)

CLECAT Newsletter 2018/18 (R.EMP.-F- 26/18)
25 mayo, 2018 Ateia


14 May 2018




Subject: CLECAT Newsletter 2018/18



Dear Madam/Sir,


We are pleased to send you the link to this week’s CLECAT newsletter including news and upcoming meetings.


In the news this week:


*   Call on TRAN to Exclude International Transport From Posting of Workers

*   YES to Enforceability & the EU Internal Market – NO to the EMPL Vote

*   Multimodal Year 2018 – The Future of Intermodal

*   Study for Safe and Secure Truck Parking

*   3.2% Rail Freight Volume Decline on Rhine-Alpine Corridor

*   CERRE Recommendations on Track Access Charges

*   Strong Collaboration Between Road and Rail in Germany

*   DG COMP Launches Revision of the Consortia BER

*   Feeder Vessel Shortage Looming Large

*   Managing Supply Chain Resilience and Efficiency

*   Council Adopts Emission Reduction Targets

*   ITF Review of Transport CO2 and the Paris Agreement

*   Forthcoming Events


Best regards,


Nicolette van der Jagt

Director General





*   NL18SEC18.pdf





(European Association for Forwarding, Transport, Logistics and Customs Services)

Rue du Commerce 77

1040 Brussels, Belgium

T +32 2503 4705

F +32 2503 4752<>

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