CLECAT Newsletter 2017/35_CIRCULAR R.EMP.-F- 50/17

CLECAT Newsletter 2017/35_CIRCULAR R.EMP.-F- 50/17
16 octubre, 2017 Ateia

13 October 2017
Subject: CLECAT Newsletter 2017/35

Dear Madam/Sir,

We are pleased to send you the link to this week’s CLECAT’s newsletter including news and upcoming meetings.

In the news this week:

* CLECAT calls for fair internal market rules instead of burdensome regulation in road freight transport
* TRAN/EMPL hearing on mobile transport workers
* 2017 freight forwarders forum
* ECG conference on Digital Revolutions in Political Turmoil
* CLECAT speaks at IATA Cargo Security and Facilitation Forum
* Empowering freight forwarders, carriers and shippers to reduce their carbon footprint
* Digital Transport Days in Tallinn
* Brexit negotiations make little progress
* Far-reaching reform of EU VAT system
* Launch of the new customs decisions system
* New anti-dumping methodology
* Agreement to set up the European Public Prosecutor
* Forwarders real integrators in logistics supply chain
* Global BCOs hit by 4th quarter of rising contract rates from Asia
* Martin Dorsman appointed as Secretary General of ECSA
* ERTMS roll-out insufficient
* IATA-WCO collaboration to improve air cargo efficiency and security
* Commission funding for drone safety
* Launch of black carbon supplement to GLEC framework

Best regards,
Nicolette van der Jagt
Director General




(European Association for Forwarding, Transport, Logistics and Customs Services)

Rue du Commerce 77
1040 Brussels, Belgium
T +32 2503 4705
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