20 diciembre, 2017 Ateia

Apreciados todos,

Se reenvía circular del CLECAT “Impact of Brexit on Land Transport”.

CLECAT Circular 127 (Road, Brexit)
05 December 2017
From: Nicolette van der Jagt
Subject: CLECAT Circular 2017/127 (Brexit/ETro) ________________________________ To do:

Dear Member,

For your information please find attached a summary of the Hearing on the impact of Brexit (rail/road) which took place at the TRAN Committee of the European Parliament (22/11/17).

You will also find the presentation from Steve Parker presented to the ELP dinner event on Brexit (27/11/17). For your information we also share the presentations from the other speakers (Port of Antwerp and Dutch Customs). Steve addressed the general concern of the logistics industry over the lack of customs capacity to cope with Brexit which was also outlined in the recent CLECAT blog: Logistics industry concerned over lack of Customs Capacity to cope with Brexit<>.

You will have seen yesterday’s statement <> from the Jean-Claude Juncker welcoming the «major progress» made in the Brexit negotiations after their meeting on 4th December. President Juncker remains «confident» about being able to move on to phase 2 of negotiations after the European Council on 14th and 15th December which is to decide whether the progress made regarding three priority issues is «adequate».

Best regards,

Nicolette van der Jagt


* Ci127Aetro_Public Hearing Brexit And Transport.pdf<>
* Ci127Bsteve Parker.pdf<>
* Ci127C-Michiel Vermeiren.pdf<>
* Ci127D_Pauline Bastidon.pdf<>
* Ci127E_Roel Van’t Veld .pdf<’t%20Veld%20.pdf>

Please consider this circular as purely internal communication towards CLECAT members.
Please do not spread outside the CLECAT network.
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